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Traditional spot smoke detectors work to protect businesses and complex building infrastructures from smoke and fire damage. However, spot smoke detection systems by design can create challenges for continuous, seamless, smoke and fire detection. Issues surrounding traditional spot smoke detectors include false alarms, alarm malfunctions, obstruction of detection points, and a lag in time between the start of a fire and when the smoke reaches the system.

VESDA by Xtralis very early warning aspirating smoke detection solutions were designed to overcome the issues that surround spot detection. Advanced laser-based absolute smoke detection technology combined with continuous monitoring via multi-channel microbore air-sampling detects smoke much earlier than traditional spot detectors. VESDA detectors have a variety of features, including flexibility of installation and enhanced connectivity. The newest member of the VESDA family is the VESDA-E VEA series of detectors that combine VESDA reliability with pinpoint addressability.

Benefits of the VESDA-E VEA

Superior Detection Time For Large Spaces

The VESDA-E VEA has 40 sampling holes which combined with a high capacity pump provide superior detection time for long tube lengths up to 100m (330ft). To pinpoint detection areas, unused ports can be closed using blanking plugs to ensure smooth airflow throughout the entire system.

Flexible Installation Options

The VEA uses a system of microbore flexible tubes for air sampling and smoke detection. Unlike PVC or metal piping, the tubes can be installed around existing objects such as wiring, water pipes, and air ducts – which decreases both the time and cost of installation of an organization-wide smoke detection solution. The tubes can be installed like cable and are fire retardant, connect via push fit connectors (eliminating the need for glue) and do not require wiring (which means no electrical interference).

Monitoring Technology for Obstructions

The VEA actively monitors both pump pressure and airflow, which allows for the detection of tube and sampling point blockage. Any changes in air pressure and flow will create an alert which will pinpoint the location of the blockage so it can be inspected and resolved.

Enhanced Addressability

The VEA detector operates on a multi-channel addressable system, which is able to divide a protected space into individualized sampling locations which increases the localization of a fire, which improves incident response time. Pinpoint addressability makes this system ideal for areas such as hospitals, schools, and data centers where early detection and response are required.

Wired or Wireless – You Pick

The VESDA-E detectors are all available with both Ethernet and Wi-Fi connectivity. Unlike other smoke detection systems, these options are standard features. The system can easily be connected to a corporate network through a simple Ethernet connection or by connecting to the facility’s Wi-Fi network. With Wi-Fi connectivity, tablets and laptops can have the Xtralis configuration software installed which makes monitoring and managing the system easy to do.

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