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VESDA protects 1,000s of tourists at the largest timber-framed churches in europe!

The 17th century Churches of Peace in Silesia are the largest timber-framed religious buildings in Europe, the World Heritage site, the Lutheran Churches of Peace in Jawor and Świdnica were built in the mid-17th century and can hold up to 7,500 people. Recently restored to their former glory at a cost of 4.1 million Euros including the organ, pulpit and altar. The churches themselves were intended to symbolise the end of the war and religious conflict between Catholics and Protestants.

Heritage sites with such a cultural significance require unique safety solutions because of their design, function and historical value. Protecting these sites goes beyond providing unobtrusive protection of their priceless contents or structure to protection of the church’s staff and its visitors.

In addition to the obvious environmental condition of the timber-framed building there were other factors that had to be considered. The first was providing an uninterrupted, peaceful worship atmosphere to the tourists and local visitors. The second was the need for no visual impact on the detailed historical design of the building with ability to ‘hide’ the technology. The last was to accommodate the priest’s use of incense during ceremonies of worship without activating an alarm.

Full text of the article: European Churches Customer Success Story

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